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Artist's Custom Wooden Bat Pens - Product Image
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Artist's Custom Wooden Bat Pens

Each pen is an individual work of art, adorned with a well secured bat giving a singular batty appeal. The pens are turned from various woods on the artist's lathe. The brown pen on the left was made from cherry wood that came from his parent's land in Vermont. The two dark brown ones he made from a black walnut log from Kansas, given to him by a friend of his there, and the third pen from the left is made from cedar trees that were burned during a forest fire that took the artist's home and all his trees in 2008. The Cedar, remarkably, is still solid after 12 years. The artist makes other items like pepper grinders, pen holders, pizza cutters, and bowls from the same wood. He purchases the metal hardware for the pens from a company in Pennsylvania, and turn the wood down on his lathe.
Price: $25.00 
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