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Bat Shaped Charcuterie Boards Sold Out, more soon - Product Image
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Bat Shaped Charcuterie Boards Sold Out, more soon

Special Price:  These four boards only, while they last.  Each is one of kind.  Distinctive hand made boards by Grain Expectation. A custom design for us. This one man company is veteran owned and makes everything by hand in the U.S. Boards are a a mix of solid hardwoods including hard maple, wenge, and bloodwood giving them all a beautiful naturally contrasting composition. All are food safe and treated with Walrus Oil brand wood treatment to protect the wood. 100% ideal to cut on and serve food on. Each board is a one of a kind original. Over time, surface can be restored by simply sanding lightly and reapplying mineral oil or beeswax. Each is 14 1/2 inches wide.

Types of board:

#1 Shedua, Yellowheart, Purpleheart
#2 Peruvian walnut, Padauk, Maple
#3 Maple, Bloodwood, Wenge
#4 Maple, Bloodwood, Zebrawood

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