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Bats: From Evolution to Conservation, 2nd Ed. - Product Image
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Bats: From Evolution to Conservation, 2nd Ed.

This rigorous and authoritative textbook is updated to reflect the current state of research on Bats: From Evolution to Conservation jacket image all aspects of bat biology, ecology and and conservation. Popular interest in bats is at an all-time high with many amateurs becoming involved monitoring their local bat populations and the construction industry legally bound to take their conservation needs into account, reflecting the vulnerability of this diverse and unique group. Bats: From Evolution to Conservation is a global study covering evolutionary biology, ecology, flight, migration, physiology and much more - and whilst presented as a text for students and researchers, its accessible and enthusiastic style means it also holds appeal for amateur naturalists and anyone interested in bat conservation. By John D. Altringham, 2001, sb 324 pp.
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