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Bats Of Egypt by Geoffrey St. Hilaire - Product Image
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Bats Of Egypt by Geoffrey St. Hilaire

Matted print size 30 b7 24 inches. Image 23.5 by 17 inches. A few stains and creaeses on outer edges.  circa 1809-1828.  


The engravings made for Napoleon about his expedition to Egypt are some of the magnificent ever made.

In 1798 Napoleon launched an expedition to sieze Egypt. It included some of Frances finest. It had 35,000 soldiers, 160 scholars, 2000 artists and 400 engravers. Celebrated artists such as Jacques Barraband, Pierre-Joseph Redouté and Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire were involved. Their task was to record all aspects of Egypt. This included places, ancient monuments and the flora and fauna. It was the first major study of a land almost unknown to Europeans. 

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