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ColonyLodge - Universal 4 Chamber Bat House - Product Image
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ColonyLodge - Universal 4 Chamber Bat House

Heavy-duty Seamless "No Maintenance"  Exterior • Made in the USA • Multiple Crevice Sizes for Nationwide Use • Attic Pup Ledge

“The BCM 4 chamber (ColonyLodge) is one of my all time favorite bat houses presently available” - Merlin Tuttle, Founder of Bat Conservation International and Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

Building bat houses since 1990, BCM has now created long-lasting one that incorporates critical features bat biologists have most recently recommended. Our one-piece, thick plastic outer shell eliminates seams separating over time, which can render bat houses unusable. Our ColonyLodge will outlast any unmaintained all-wood bat house on the market.

BCM's ColonyLodge incorporates space suitable for even more species around the country, and includes our unique sloped ceiling crevice that allows bats to snuggle against the warm roof, and may prevent pups from falling out! An extra-wide 1.5'' crevice is suitable for big brown bats found across most of the country, Pallid bats in the West, and Florida bonneted bats in the south half of Florida. Mexican free tail and many myotis spp. will take advantage of "double stacking" in this crevice.  BCM's "Universal" ColonyLodge may house the widest range of species including little brown bats, Mexican free-tailed bats, Indiana bats, big brown bats, Southeastern myotis, Northern long-eared myotis, Pallid bats, Florida bonneted bats, Western long-eared myotis, cave myotis, Yuma myotis, evening bats, Tri-colored bats, Pallas' mastiff bat, and others.

Each ColonyLodge ships finished, with all interior surfaces permanently roughened by hand for the best "bat-holds" possible. We do not use screen material for baffles, which can shred over time and may trap bat pups. Our decorative bat design on the front serves as a vent that helps prevent bats from overheating. ColonyLodge also features a vertical vent on the rear. This will provide a desirable temperature gradient from very hot at the peak to ambient at the bottom.

"I've helped build a log cabin (2x). Built a greenhouse, kingsize bed, coffee tables, several other projects myself. Needless to say, I think I'm fairly competent with my DIY skills, but even I know when to call "uncle" when someone does it better! BCM's Universal Four Chamber bat house is incredibly well done! Worth every single penny! Very impressed. Now...let the bats come!" - Sharon via Facebook
Which color bat house is best for you? Select black, brown, or green for most northern states and high elevations. Select tan for warmer climates such as all the Gulf Coast states and low elevation/desert of AZ, NM, and CA. Included with every bat house is a 16-page manual, which will assist you with site determination, installation, and long-term maintenance tips.

• Highly durable weatherproof body 
• Holds ~210 myotis or free tail bats! (calculated 2 bats per linear inch of roost space, double stacking the wide crevice, and using the attic space against the roof. Larger bat species would be significantly less capacity.)
• Custom bat-shaped front vent and vertical rear vent for air-transfer
• Simulated shingled roof with wood-grain exterior
• Available in 4 colors (Black, Khaki, Dark Green, and Dark Brown)
• Seamless exterior shell, significantly outlasts any wooden bat house
• Suitable for at least 14 North American bat species and potentially others nationwide
• Special interior Attic Ledge favored by pups
• Self-cleaning; all dropping fall out naturally
• Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 5.75" (~20 lbs)
• 4 Chambers (both 0.75" and 1.50'' spacing for nationwide use)
What included?

• Assembled bat house
• 1(The link for the manuals is here: 
• Watertight roofing screws for attaching to Pole Mount (sold separately) or other flat structure
What's needed?

• Cordless drill
• We have Mount Kits available for attaching this bat house to a post, siding, or brick/stone which will add another chamber of roost space. A readily available wood post is a pressure-treated 4" x 4" x 16' or 4" x 6" x 16' which is cemented 2.5'+ into the ground. Use a post protector to double the life of the post if in wet areas.
• We also offer a Mount Kit version for siding and stonework for attaching to buildings.
• Installation instructions included in the manual All About Bat Houses and also the Mount Kit.
See our Resources & Free Advice for step-by-step instructions on how to mount this bat house on a post or building.

Bat House Return Policy: Within 30 days of receipt, full refund less $20 restocking fee. Shipping is non-refundable.

 Handmade in Pennsylvania, built for use everywhere in North America (The link for the manuals is here: 

Price: $265.00 
Mounting Kit Option