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Conservation Tales Bats OUT OF STOCK - Product Image

Conservation Tales Bats OUT OF STOCK

 Stories of wildlife conservation for young readers. This book tells the story of a girl and her friends at camp who learns about bats and the scientific research and conservation efforts taking place to protect them. Includes conservation and inquiry science activities students can do at home or school. Written for grades 3-5, and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. Illustrations and photographs

The author and illustrators observed and met with bat researchers in the field and in the lab during the production of this book. During these visits, they learned a lot about bats and bat research, and those ideas are reflected in the book. Many of the photos in the book were taken during those visits.

This book gives readers an up-close look at bats, the science behind their conservation, and efforts to protect them and their habitats.

Illustrations - Sami Pfaff and Sierra Hensley
Art Direction - Barbara Giorgio Booher
Graphic Design - Brooke Gabrek
Content Consultants Dr. Tim Carter, Kristi Confortin, Keifer Titus (Ball State Univ.) Amanda Bevan, Aja Marcato (Org. for Bat Conservation)

Price: $13.00