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DayLodge - DIY Kit - Triple Chamber, Plywood - Product Image
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DayLodge - DIY Kit - Triple Chamber, Plywood

DayLodge DIY Kit arrives with pre-cut and pre-roughened parts, screws, adhesive, asphalt shingle, and mounting screws (however, the same bat house is available assembled) for those looking to speed up their bat house project. Approved by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

The DayLodge features a very strong, and very simple roof construction that creates a super solid bat house that will last many, many years. It is capped by a solid piece of 1/2'' thick recycled plastic lumber, and will last decades. It is suitable for kids ~8 and up with supervision, workshops, school projects, scout projects, or anyone wishing to build their own solid, modern bat house without fabricating parts. This is the easiest to assemble 3 chamber bat house BCM has offered. 

DayLodge comes with exterior structural mounting screws that support the entire bat house, eliminating the problem of roofs and backs separating. DayLodge is the strongest, most long lasting plywood bat house BCM has ever produced. 

Finishing/Mounting Materials needed: 

  1. Exterior paint or stain or sealant (black, or a shade of brown or green for most climates) Bats -will- move into unpainted bat houses in many areas, but the bat house will last longer when painted, stained, or sealed.
  2. Standard size caulking gun
  3. Utility knife (refresh bat holds after painting).
  4. Cordless drill, Phillips bit, 8mm socket tip (or 8mm socket wrench)
  5. 1/4'' drill bit to help start the 6'' long TimberLOK mounting screws straight 
  6. 1/8'' drill bit (optional, to slightly predrill holes to help young kids assemble)
  7. Mount Kit with Pup Perch, optional and sold seperately, but strongly recommended. Should be used with wood posts, siding, brick, or stone. Choose your mounting surface kit below, or make your own spacers. 


In the Box of a DayLodge DIY Kit: 

  1. DayLodge parts: front, back, sides, 2 roost panels, recycled plastic roof, roof block, 35 screws (min), 1-tube adhesive caulking
  2. (2) 6'' TimberLOK mounting screws
  3. (3) 1-1/2'' exterior mounting screws
  4. (The link for the manuals is here: 

Price: $94.00 
Mounting Kit Option