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DayLodge - Triple Chamber, Plywood, Fully-Assembled - Product Image
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DayLodge - Triple Chamber, Plywood, Fully-Assembled

Our DayLodge bat house is based on a tried and true design suitable across all of North America. The exterior is tough 1/2'' thick plywood, 1.5'' thick sides, and 1/2'' recycled plastic black roof, assembled with ~35 screws. All exterior seams are glued during assembly. Our iconic bat design on the front, and a slot on the back, are vents helping prevent bats from overheating. DayLodge comes with exterior structural mounting screws that support the entire bat house, eliminating the problem of roofs and backs separating. DayLodge is the strongest, most long lasting plywood bat house BCM has ever produced. Approved by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

  • Recommended as an all-around bat house that offers capacity with reasonable cost, great for starting new colonies.
  • Sides are 2''x4'', stronger/thicker than competitors.
  • Screenless design is safer for bats. DreamRoost's interior is permanently and severely roughened with random direction overlapping scratches; provides more rough surface for pups than competitors.
  • Rear vent allows bats to cool off between the bat house and the mounting surface. When placed on our Mount Kit or against a wall using appropriate spacers, an additional roost crevice is formed, increasing the usefulness and capacity.
  • Decorative front bat cutout helps protect bats from overheating.
  • Suitable for all climates with appropriate coloring; under DayLodge's virtually indestructible plastic roof is a sold block of wood that buffers temperature changes.
  • Interior 13''x3.5''x1'' Pup Playground attic allows bats to change baffles and avoid predators.
  • 7/8'' and 15/16'' crevices for nationwide use on all bat house loving species.
  • Mounted primarily using two 6'' long heavy duty TimberLOK hex head screws pre-drilled; no stress or seams on the roof for maximum longevity. 
  • Roof is 1/2'' recycled "plastic lumber"; virtually indestructible and UV resistant.
  • 4'' landing area and recessed roost baffles provide a protective overhang.

All interior surfaces have been permanently roughened by hand in random directions for the best "bat holds" possible. We DO NOT use screen material for baffles as it has been shown to shred over time and pups can be trapped under it. This box should be painted appropriately for your area. 

Approved by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation. Created and built in Pennsylvania, appropriate for use in Canada and all US states except Hawaii.


Need multiple bat houses for a larger project? Our generous 20% discount for bat conservation!

Great for workshops, scout groups, and anyone needing lots of roosts fast- we offer 20% off 6 or more assembled DayLodges! Use coupon code BATTYFORBATHOUSES at checkout; offer good only at checkout. Note: Multiple DayLodge bat houses may be packaged in one shipping box.

In the Box of an Assembled DayLodge: 

  1. Assembled DayLodge, 3 chamber bat house
  2. (2) 6'' TimberLOK mounting screws
  3. (3) 1-1/2'' exterior mounting screws
  4. (The link for the manuals is here: 


Finishing/Mounting Materials needed: 

  1. Exterior paint or stain or sealant (black, or a shade of brown or green for most climates) Bats -will- move into unpainted bat houses in many areas, but the bat house will last longer when painted, stained, or sealed.
  2. Utility knife (refresh bat holds after painting).
  3. Mount into wood with cordless drill with phillips screw tip & 8mm socket tip (or 8mm socket wrench).
  4. Mount Kit with Pup Perch, optional and sold seperately, but strongly recommended. Should be used with wood posts, siding, brick, or stone. Choose your mounting surface kit below, or make your own spacers. 

How to finish this bat house:

  1. Paint or stain or seal a color according to your climate). Use 3 or more coats of any exterior brand. Painting may fill in the scratch marks on the landing area, so avoid this area or be sure to refresh scratches using a utility knife.
  2. Screw the Mount Kit and Perch Panel to a 4''x6''x16' treated post (~$45 at local lumber yards), attach the bat house to the Mount, and then cement the post  2.5'+ into the ground. Alternately, attach the bat house to the sunny side of a structure using the Mount Kit or at least your own 2''x4'' spacers. 

  3. Say "Just add bats!"
(The link for the manuals is here: 

Price: $130.00 
Mounting Kit Option