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DayRoost - DIY Kit - Single Chamber, Plywood Bat House - Product Image
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DayRoost - DIY Kit - Single Chamber, Plywood Bat House

Our DayRoost Bat House Kit saves you the bother of dealing with large sheets of plywood, painstaking roughening, and gathering some supplies. All parts are ready for assembly. Included in this kit are: an assembly manual, painting instructions for your locality, 2 sides, roughened yellow pine front and back, screws, black recycled plastic roof, roof block, and construction adhesive.

Our DayRoost Bat House is suitable for mounting on buildings anywhere in North America, warm climates, the Gulf Coast states, and especially if targeting the federally endangered Florida bonneted bat in the south half of Florida. Handmade in Pennsylvania by BCM, this is a very solid plywood bat house with a virtually indestructible recycled black plastic roof.

  • Assembles in ~15 minutes, then paint and hang!
  • Single Chamber - mount on buildings for best results
  • 1/2'' Recycled plastic roof - unbeatable durability
  • Interior permanently roughened in random directions, better for bats!
  • 1/2'' Exterior Plywood 
  • Experiment with multiple DayRoosts and attract bats into a new area
  • Perfect for a low cost, very solid bat house, made in USA
  • Approved by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

This single chamber bat house is designed with the Florida bonneted bat in mind, but over a dozen species in North America might make our DayRoost their home. Florida bonneted bats prefer small harem families and may not take advantage of large multi-chamber bat houses. Since it is located in the southern half of Florida, this single chamber bat house will get plenty warm enough to sustain bonneted bats year-round. If targeting bonneted bats, mount 15' or more above ground in as wide open a space as possible. Of course, other species may use this bat house as well, particularly Mexican/Brazilian free tails and big brown bats found around all the Gulf Coast states and NM, AZ, and low elevations of CA. Further north we suggest this bat house if you already have an occupied bat house nearby, or are planning to mount onto a building. Because single chamber bat houses lack the thermal mass of larger structures, it is best to mount on buildings in cooler climates. Because of the low cost and easy mounting, several DayRoost bat houses are perfect to place in several locations around your property, with somewhat different solar exposures. This dramatically increases the chances of initially training bats to a bat house and discovering what exposure your local bats are looking for.

Our decorative bat design on the front is actually a vent that helps prevents bats from overheating.

Each interior surface has been permanently roughened by hand in various directions for the best "batholds" possible. We DO NOT use screen material for baffles as it has been shown to shred over time and pups have been documented becoming trapped under it. The finished box requires exterior paint or stain to complete. We have Mount Kits available for attaching this bat house to a post, siding, or brick/stone which will add another chamber of roost space.

Assembling with a child? We suggest helping squeeze the caulking gun. When drilling, it may be best for the adult to start each screw partway into the wood, then letting Junior squeeze the drill trigger and set the screw.

Need multiple kits for a group project? Our generous 20% discount for bat conservation!

Great for workshops, scout groups, and anyone in a DIY mood- we offer 20% off six or more DayRoost kits! Use coupon code BATTYFORBATKITS at checkout; offer good only at checkout. Note: two or three DayRoost kits may be packaged in one box.

 Whats in the box?

Kit includes: manual, back, front, sides, roof block, plastic roof, general assembly screws, exterior mounting screws, and construction adhesive.

Tools required: screwdriver/electric drill or impact drill. Suggested additional tools include utility knife, paint, and caulking gun.

Bat House Return Policy: Within 30 days of receipt, full refund less $20 restocking fee. Shipping is non-refundable.

    General Specifications:
    Safe holding capacity: ~26 bats @ 2 bats per linear inch of roosting crevice
    height: 16.5''; width: 16''; depth: 2.5''; weight: 10.5 lbs.
    Internal chambers: 1; chamber spacing: 7/8''
    Specifications subject to change without notice. Multiple orders will ship with 2 manuals maximum unless otherwise requested  
    (The link for the manuals is here: 

    Price: $69.00 
    Mounting Kit Option