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Four Chamber Premium Bat House - Product Image
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Four Chamber Premium Bat House

Four Chamber Premium Bat House

Plastic shell over wood core - fully assembled & painted

This premium bat house is an upgrade in size and style over our successful 3- Chamber bat house. It is not just the increased capacity and cosmetic changes that is different; bats have been shown to prefer roosting in larger structures, probably since the larger mass tends to buffer nightly temperature extremes. This means our 4-Chamber bat house is even more likely to be successful than our well-regarded 3-Chamber design. BCM created their own custom mold so that finally a functional and attractive bat house exterior can be made from a durable plastic material. This eliminates the worries that seams will separate over time which will render all wood bat houses unattractive for bats.

No drilling or screw driving is required except when mounting to a post or building. Each interior surface has been permanently roughened by hand in various directions for the best "batholds" possible. We DO NOT use screen material for baffles as it has been shown to shred over time and pups can become trapped under it. Our decorative bat design on the front is actually a vent that helps prevents bats from overheating. Your 4- Chamber Premium bat house is shipped fully assembled without any painting required. Choose a dark color for most northern state and high elevations, or sand color for warm climates. Includes 16-page manual with complete finishing, site determination, installation, and maintenance instructions.

Created and built in Pennsylvania. A pole mount is strongly suggested if placing this box on a wooden 4''x4''x16' or 4''x6''x16' post cemented 3' into the ground. Three color selections are available: Black, Green, and Sand.

General Specifications:
Safe holding capacity: ~140 bats @ 2 bats per linear inch of roosting crevice
height: 24''; width: 18''; depth: 5.75''; weight: 20 lbs.
Internal chambers: 4; chamber spacing: ~0.75''

Price: $194.00 
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