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Many Faces of Bats 504 piece Jigsaw Puzzle (16 X 20 inches) - Product Image
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Many Faces of Bats 504 piece Jigsaw Puzzle (16 X 20 inches)

This high quality custom "The Many Faces of Bats" puzzle is made with a range of sizes and shapes to guarantee an quality experience assembling this work of art. Fiona Reid's original art of 89 different bats creates a challenging and spectacularly beautiful puzzle.

 A special  "Species Key To The Puzzle" created by artist Fiona Reid is now available.  Request a PDF of the key with your order and we will send you the file at no extra charge. 

 Fiona Reid's interest in wild mammals started at about age four, when she found a den of foxes near her home in Oxfordshire, England. This interest blossomed into a love of all fauna and flora worldwide. Fiona has a BA degree in biology from Cambridge University and an MSc in Animal Behaviour from SUNY at Stony Brook, New York. She has written and/or illustrated more than a dozen books on mammals, including: A field guide to the mammals of Central America and southeast Mexico (Oxford University Press) and a Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America (Houghton-Mifflin). For these two books which she both authored and illustrated, she captured and drew from life almost all the bats and small rodents. She also illustrated The Golden Guide to Bats of the World, Bats of Papua New Guinea, and Mammals of the Neotropics (volumes 1-3), and she coauthored and partially illustrated Wildlife of Costa Rica. Fiona also co-authored and illustrated Bats of Trinidad and Tobago, published in 2016. Fiona has worked part-time as an eco-tourist guide for 31 years, leading trips to numerous destinations worldwide. She has co-led tours for Bat Conservation International and the Organization for Bat Conservation, taking groups to Trinidad and Tobago, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Madagascar to study bats and other mammals. She holds the distinction of having captured and painted from life more species of bats than any other person.

Puzzle Key

1 Greater Broad-nosed Bat Platyrrhinus vittatus

2 Wrinkle-faced Bat Centurio senex

3 Big-eared Flying Fox, Pteropus macrotis

4 Spix’s Disk-winged Bat Thyroptera tricolor

5 Fierce Leaf-nosed Bat, Hipposideros dinops

6 Greater Bare-backed Bat, Dobsonia moluccensis

7 Mexican Funnel-eared Bat Natalus mexicanus

8 Smoky Bat Cyttarops alecto

9 Proboscis Bat Rhynchonycteris naso

10 Greater Stripe-faced Bat Vampyrodes major

11 Silver-haired Bat, Lasionycteris noctivagans

12 Heller’s Broad-nosed Bat Platyrrhinus helleri

13 Spotted Bat, Euderma maculatum

14 Hairy Big-eyed Bat Chiroderma villosum

15 New Britain Bare-backed Bat, Dobsonia praedatrix

16 Greater Big-eared Bat, Nyctophilus timoriensis

17 Masked Flying Fox, Pteropus capistratus

18 Toltec Fruit-eating Bat, Artibeus (Dermanura) toltecus

19 Loria’s Mastiff Bat, Mormopterus loriae

20 Northern Yellow Bat, Lasiurus intermedius

21 Grey Long-eared Bat, Plecotus austriacus

22 Lesser Mustached Bat, Pteronotus personatus

23 Parti-coloured Bat Vespertilio murinus

24 Velvety Fruit-eating Bat Enchisthenes hartii

25 Underwood’s Bonneted Bat, Eumops underwoodi

26 Black-bellied Bat, Melonycteris melanops

27 Mediterranean Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus euryale

28 Green Tube-nosed Bat, Paranyctimene raptor

29 Mantled Mastiff Bat, Otomops secundus

30 Long-fingered Bat, Myotis capaccinii

31 Chestnut Short-tailed Bat, Carollia castanea

32 Common Vampire Bat, Desmodus rotundus

33 Honduran White Bat, Ectophylla alba

34 Dusky Leaf-nosed Bat, Hipposideros ater

35 Bougainville’s Fruit Bat, Pteralopex anceps

36 Great Roundleaf Bat, Hipposideros armiger

37 Gray Sac-winged Bat, Balantiopteryx plicata

38 Barbastelle, Barbastella barbastellus

39 Sulawesi Flying Fox, Acerodon celebensis

40 Nathusius’s Pipistrelle, Pipistrellus nathusii

41 European Free-tailed Bat, Tadarida teniotis

42 Thumbless Bat, Furipterus horrens

43 Shaggy Bat, Centronycteris centralis

44 Lesser Doglike Bat, Peropteryx macrotis

45 New species of Rhinolophus

46 Visored Bat, Sphaeronycteris toxophyllum

47 Variable Flying Fox, Pteropus hypomalenus

48 Van Gelder’s Bat, Bauerus dubiaquercus

49 Long-legged Bat, Macrophyllum macrophyllum

50 Diadem Leaf-nosed Bat, Hipposideros diadema

51 Bechstein’s Bat, Myotis bechsteinii

52 Lesser Fishing Bat, Noctilio albiventris

53 Townsend’s Big-eared Bat, Corynorhinus townsendii

54 Spectacled Flying Fox, Pteropus conspicillatus

55 Fringe-lipped Bat, Trachops cirrhosus

56 Least Blossom Bat, Macroglossus minimus

57 Common Sword-nosed Bat, Lonchorhina aurita

58 Ghost-faced Bat, Mormoops megalophylla

59 Spectral Bat, Vampyrum spectrum

60 Rufous Dog-faced Bat, Molossops negectus

61 Orange Nectar Bat, Lonchophylla robusta

62 Common Bent-wing Bat, Miniopterus schreibersii

63 Mexican Long-tongued Bat, Choeronycteris mexicana

64 Savi’s Pipistrelle, Hypsugo savii

65 Black Mastiff Bat, Molossus rufus

66 Northern Bat, Eptesicus nilssonii

67 Northern Ghost Bat, Diclidurus albus

68 Striped Hairy-nosed Bat, Gardnerycteris crenulatum

69 Salvin’s Big-eyed Bat, Chiroderma salvini

70 Hoary Bat, Lasiurus cinereus

71 Greater Fishing Bat, Noctilio leporinus

72 Seminole Bat, Lasiurus seminolus

73 Western Bonneted Bat, Eumops perotis

74 Orange-throated Bat, Lampronycteris brachyotis

75 Little Yellow-shouldered Bat, Sturnira parvidens

76 Bartica Bat, Glyphonycteris daviesi

77 Yellow-winged Bat, Lavia frons

78 California Leaf-nosed Bat, Macrotus californicus

79 Serotine, Eptesicus serotinus

80 Lesser Bare-backed Bat, Dobsonia minor

81 Naked-rumped Sheath-tailed Bat, Saccolaimus saccolaimus

82 Spurred Leaf-nosed Bat, Hipposideros calcaratus

83 Small Big-eared Brown Bat, Histiotus montanus

84 Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat, Artibeus jamaicensis

85 Greater Noctule Bat, Nyctalus lasiopterus

86 Pallid Bat, Antrozous pallidus

87 Common Rousette Bat, Rousettus amplexicaudatus

88 Big Free-tailed Bat, Nyctinomops macrotis

89 Greater Tube-nosed Bat, Nyctimene aello

90 Central American Yellow Bat, Rhogeessa tumida

91 Eastern Red Bat, Lasiurus borealis 

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