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Oaxacan Carved Big Ear Bat By Blas (Blue Toes) - Product Image
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Oaxacan Carved Big Ear Bat By Blas (Blue Toes)

7 1/2 inches tall. Hand-carved and hand-painted, Oaxacan woodcarvings are prized Mexican folk art. Noted for their brilliant colors and fine craftsmanship, the figures show the talent, imagination and creative flair of the region's renowned carvers who are descendants of the pre-Columbian, Zapotec culture living in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. The figures are made from the twisted branches of the local copalillo tree. The wood is lightweight, easily workable, and sands to a smooth finish. Woodcarving is often a family affair with members of a family helping a carver by sanding the carvings and painting the vivid, detailed patterns. Batgoods is proud to present these inspired Oaxcan bat figures from renowned Oaxacan woodcarvers. Each carving is an individual work of art. 
Price: $110.00