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Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats - Product Image
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Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats

By Amanda Lollar. Contains procedures and information found in Captive Care and Medical Reference for the Rehabilitation of Insectivorous Bats, and much more. Includes extensive chapters on rehabilitation, enrichment, managing reproductive colonies, orphan care, dental issues, parasites, wing repair, skin conditions, euthanasia, routine therapies, a differential diagnostic chart and medication chart.

A DVD of procedures outlined in the book is also available. Includes 22 videos on behavior and procedures including emotion, initial examination, extending the wing, training bats to self-feed on meal worms, proper feeding techniques for soft-food, mating behavior, copulation, hydrating infant bats by injection, cleaning infant bats, infant directive call, feeding infant crevice bats, feeding infant tree bats, judging a full stomach, extracting milk from an overfed infant, manually removing trapped gas from an infants stomach, proper injection techniques for adult bats, bathing adult bats, drying adult bats, brushing adult bats, lancing a facial abscess, extracting abscessed teeth, and removing ectoparasites.

Recommended age group: Adults. 8.5 x 11. 206 pages. 180 Color photographs and diagrams.

Price: $45.00