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Three Chamber Bat House  - Product Image
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Three Chamber Bat House

Our BCM three chamber bat houses are based on the Pennsylvania Game Commission's most successful design.

Built in PA by BCM, the most solid full featured wooden bat house available. All wood - fully assembled.

Our pre assembled Three Chamber bat house saves time
We have assembled all the critical elements of the box, including the roof and the interior crevices. The exterior is tough 1/2'' thick plywood with all seams glued and sealed. Our decorative bat design on the front is actually a vent that helps prevents bats from overheating.

No drilling or screw driving is required except when mounting to a post or building. Each interior surface has been permanently roughened by hand in various directions for the best "batholds" possible. We DO NOT use screen material for baffles as it has been shown to shred over time and pups can become trapped under it. This box should be painted appropriately for your area, and generally plan on black or a shade of brown. Minimal caulking is recommended to finish the roof, then the landing screen and roofing shingle should be attached. Includes 16-page manual with complete finishing, site determination, installation, and maintenance instructions.

Approved by Bat Conservation International. Created and built in Pennsylvania.

 Our houses use thicker lumber to outlast competitors, keep bats longer in season, and provide more reliable longer term roosts. Our interiors do not have loosely installed screens that can become deathtraps for bats nor do they just have just a few saw grooves for footholds. BCM bat houses feature one of the most laborously roughened interiors for the ideal bat roost.

How to finish this bat house:

1. Paint or stain a color according to your climate (see manual). Use 3 or more coats.
2. Staple the included screen onto the bat house landing plate.
3. Use sealant or construction adhesive to caulk around the roof, and then glue on the included roofing shingle.
4. Screw the bat house to the pole mount and a 4''x6''x16' post (~$35 at local lumber yards) or the sunny side of a structure. Metal telescoping poles sold by bird house vendors are too flimsy for any of our bat houses.
5. Use the remaining adhesive to coat the upper mounting lip of the bat house that will be exposed to weather
6. Touch up the paint and just add bats!
General Specifications:
Safe holding capacity: ~100 bats @ 2 bats per linear inch of roosting crevice
height: 24''; width: 18''; depth: 4''; weight: 12 lbs.
Internal chambers: 3; chamber spacing: 0.75''-1''
Specifications subject to change without notice. Multiple orders will ship with 2 manuals maximum unless otherwise requested.
Includes: Assembled bat house, 16-page manual, asphalt roofing material. 

Tools required: utility knife, paint or stain, 1 tube of exterior construction adhesive caulk, and caulking gun.

 Shipped by UPS Ground from Pennsylvania. 6% PA sales tax will be added to orders shipped to Pennsylvania.

  Pole Mounts

The weight of the wooden bat house requires that a mount be used to properly support the box on a narrow pole. This pressure treated mount includes all necessary hardware. Instructions are located in our bat house manual, but the short version is:

1. Set the mount on the post, predrill holes into the post.

2. Use the supplied lag bolts to connect the mount to the post

3. Use 8 screws to attach the bat house to the mount.

Countersunk holes have been pre-drilled. A 4''x4''' or 4''x6'' pressure treated post is recommended and must be purchased locally. Use a 14' or 16' long post. A pole mount is not necessary if planning to attach the box to a wide, flat structure, though using spacers between the box and structure is still a good idea.

This pole mount may not work with bat houses not manufactured by BCM. Not for use on metal poles without some end user modifications.

Price: $107.00 
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