About Batgoods.com

Purchasing any of the bat-friendly, educational and occasionally whimsical products lets you express your commitment to bat conservation and contribute to educating the public about the many benefits of bats.

This site is operated by the folks at Speleobooks, with more than 40 years of experience at handling bat-related products of every description. A percenrage of every purchase from Batgoods.com is donated to help support bat conservation, research and education around the world.

We support education and study of bats as well as promoting a “bat positive” awareness through our selection of books, clothing, jewelry, gifts and wide ranging batty merchandise.   We search for unusual and creative bat merchandise, frequently from small producers or artists from around the world.  We particularly look for international fair trade items, as well as items made here in the U.S. for a truly eclectic mix.

Batgoods.com is a small business operated by Emily Davis and Michael Warner.

Thanks for visiting.  We hope you return many time to explore our ever changing selection of cool bat stuff!