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 Western U.S. Bats ID Key - Product Image
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Western U.S. Bats ID Key

Waterproof. Tear-proof. Heat and Chemical-resistant.

A field-ready, visual guide for US Western Bats by Bat Survey Solutions.

 Simplifies the process of in-hand bat identification by creating a dichotomous key that was not only intuitive, but also visually engaging. Whether you’re new to bats, or a seasoned bat biologist, we’ve incorporated aspects of several traditional bat identification guides with updated, high-quality photos and illustrations to provide a “flow-chart-style” key, making it easier than ever to assess and compare the morphology of the bat in hand, with the bat on paper.

Complete with range-maps, information on the impacts of White-nose Syndrome, and illustrated tips on how to effectively remove bats from a mist net, the US Western Bat Key is an essential tool in any bat worker’s repertoire.

Key Features:

  • Made with waterproof/rip-proof TerraSlate Paper
  • Identify age, sex, and species of 33 bats of the Western US
  • Detailed range maps
  • Bat Anatomy reference diagram
  • Step-by step net extraction instructions
  • Easily sterilized during WNS decontamination

Ideal For:

  • Portable reference guide
  • Clipboard companion
  • Education and training
  • Live demonstrations
  • Interpretive programs and workshops

Price: $14.99