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#2212 A systematic revision of Macrotus (Chiroptera)

A systematic revision of Macrotus (Chiroptera). American Museum novitates ; no. 2212 Anderson, Sydney, 1927-; Nelson, Craig E. (Craig Eugene), 1940- "Among 810 specimens of bats of the genus Macrotus (Phyllostomatidae) that were studied are specimens representing populations both geographically and morphologically intermediate between the three nominal species recognized in recent years. Specimens from Sinaloa are intergrades between Macrotus californicus and Macrotus mexicanus, and specimens from Cuba are intergrades between M. mexicanus and M. waterhousii. Therefore, we conclude that a single species, Macrotus waterhousii, having seven subspecies, ranges from California south to Guatemala on the mainland and occurs on most West Indian islands east to Hispaniola. Secondary sexual dimorphism was not detected. Only adults were used in geographic comparisons. Individual variation is described. Various degrees of intraspecific differences are described, and the relevance of the subspecies concept is discussed. Synonymies, ranges, types, detailed comments, and lists of specimens are included in the Accounts of subspecies" 1965
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