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#2643 Bat records from Upper Volta, West Africa

Bat records from Upper Volta, West Africa. American Museum novitates ; no. 2643 Koopman, Karl F.; Mumford, Russell E.; Heisterberg, Jon F. "The bats of Upper Volta are reviewed, based chiefly on previously unreported material. For the 27 species recognized, locality, habitat, and reproductive data are given. Taxonomic notes are added where necessary, and the distributional patterns in Upper Volta are considered in relation to the vegetation belts in West Africa. All but two species occur in the Sudan savanna, but nearly half of these also occur in the Guinea savanna, to which the two additonal species appear to be confined. Several species reach the Sahel savanna. Whereas 12 species are recorded from Upper Volta for the first time, only two represent significant range extensions: Pipistrellus deserti south from Algeria and Tadarida demonstrator west from Sudan. A gazetteer of bat collecting localities in Upper Volta is included"- 1978.
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