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#2747 Bats from eastern Papua and the East Papuan islands

Bats from eastern Papua and the East Papuan islands. American Museum novitates ; no. 2747 "The bat fauna of eastern Papua, including Central, Northern, and Milne Bay provinces on the mainland and the Louisiade, D'Entrecasteaux, and Trobriand archipelagos, is reviewed. Five families, 23 genera, and 45 species are known from the area. Forty species are known from the mainland or continental islands and 23 from from one or another island (or islands) of the three archipelagos. Only six species occur on the islands but not on the mainland and only two of these (Dobsonia pannietensis, Kerivoula agnella) are endemic. Most of the insular species for which precise affinities can be determined show closest relationship to mainland populations, but a few have their affinities with those of the Bismarcks or Solomons. Most of the East Papuan mainland species are apparently confined to the lowlands. The East Papuan highland bat fauna is seemingly depauperate compared with that of more extensive highland areas to the northwest. There is only one documented case of altitudinal variation within a species (Pipistrellus) and only one of altitudinal replacement among close relatives (Tadarida). A new subspecies, Rhinolophus megaphyllus vandeuseni, is described"1982.
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