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#2946 Systematic notes on Liberian bats

Systematic notes on Liberian bats. American Museum novitates ; no. 2946 Koopman, Karl F. "Based on previously unreported material, 32 species of bats are recorded from Liberia, bringing the total species known for that country to 52. The following species are recorded from Liberia for the first time: Rhinolophus guineensis, Hipposideros fuliginosus, Myotis tricolor (first record for western Africa), Pipistrellus eisentrauti, 'Eptesicus' brunneus, Glauconycteris poensis, Mops brachyptera, and M. spurrelli. Other noteworthy findings are the confirmation of an unusually large form of Rhinolophus clivosus from tropical western Africa (here described as a new subspecies), the revelation of additional complexity in what is here called Hipposideros ruber, clarification of the distinction between H. caffer and H. beatus, and a discussion of the problems of distinguishing Mops spurrelli and M. nanulus. It is clear that a large number of forest species, some basically East African, have been able to extend as far west as Liberia and probably to the western limits of the high forest" 1989
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