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#3239 A revision of Centronycteris Gray (Chiroptera, Emballonuridae) with notes on natural history

A revision of Centronycteris Gray (Chiroptera, Emballonuridae) with notes on natural history. American Museum novitates ; no. 3239 Simmons, Nancy B.; Handley, Charles O. (Charles Overton), 1924- "Centronycteris is a genus of rare Neotropical emballonurid bats that ranges from southern Mexico to southeastern Brazil. Although this taxon has been known to scientists for over 175 years, few specimens exist in museum collections. The last revision of the genus (Sanborn, 1936) recognized one species and two subspecies. Based on a sample of specimens four times greater than was available to Sanborn, we find that Centronycteris comprises at least two species, C. maximiliani Fischer and C. centralis Thomas, which are easily distinguished on the basis of craniodental morphology. Centronycteris maximiliani ranges from southeastern Brazil to the Guianas, and west through northern Brazil and southern Venezuela; C. centralis ranges from Peru north through Central America to southern Mexico. Both species are known principally from lowland primary rainforest habitats, although C. centralis also occurs up to 1450 m. Aside from limited information on roost sites and reproduction, little else is known about the natural history of these rare bats. A review of published hypotheses of phylogenetic relationships of emballonurids suggests that Centronycteris is most closely related to other Neotropical taxa, but there is no consensus regarding identity of its sister taxon" 1998
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