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#3493 A revision of extant Greater Antillean bats of the genus Natalus

A revision of extant Greater Antillean bats of the genus Natalus. American Museum novitates ; no. 3493 Tejedor, Adrian; Tavares, Valeria da C.; Silva Taboada, Gilberto "The taxonomy of the genus Natalus in the Greater Antilles has been controversial for decades. Although as many as three taxa of Natalus (sensu stricto) were described for the Greater Antilles, the main source of disagreement was whether Natalus major (thought to be distributed in Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica) is a species distinct from Natalus stramineus. The Cuban form of Natalus, previously known only from incomplete fossils, has been largely excluded from the debate surrounding the taxonomic status of N. major. The discovery of an extant population of the Cuban Natalus prompted a reanalysis of species limits among Natalus in the Greater Antilles. In this paper, we show that the genus Natalus is represented in the Greater Antilles by three distinct extant species, each endemic to a single island. We also summarize information about the natural history of these species and emphasize the importance of taking immediate conservation action for their protection" 2005.
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