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BATS IN CAPTIVITY Volume 4: Legislation and Public Education - Product Image
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BATS IN CAPTIVITY Volume 4: Legislation and Public Education


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A comprehensive work intended for anyone maintaining captive bats, Bats in Captivity is the only multi-volume series of its kind, detailing the captive care of bats worldwide. This volume comprises 25 papers by 37 contributing authors. It contains information on the legal aspects of maintaining and shipping bats, plus papers on developing traveling trunks and loan boxes, the use of ultrasonic mobility devices in education programs, conditioning and training bats for public demonstration, their use in outreach programs, and exhibiting bats in zoological institutions. In addition, there is comprehensive information on excluding bats from man-made structures, as well as how bat houses and artificial roosts are constructed and used. Susan M. Barnard, Editor, 2012, 332 Pages. Hardbound.


Bats and the Law



Public Education

Suggestions for Developing Traveling Trunks and Loan Boxes

The Use of Ultrasonic Mobility Devices in Education Programs

Conditioning and Training Bats for Public Demonstration

Bats in Outreach Programs

Exhibiting Bats in Zoological Institutions

Bat Management: Excluding Bats from Man-made Structures

Bat Houses and Artificial Roosts


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