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Bats of Trinidad and Tobago A Field Guide and Natural History

From the introduction by Bat Conservation International Founder Merlin Tuttle: "Bats of Trinidad and Tobago is in one of the finest books thus far published about bats. It is thoroughly researched, provides comprehensive coverage one of the world's richest bat fauna and is outstandingly illustrated. It is an easy and fascinating read for the layperson yet will also serve as an essential reference work for professional biologists. Anyone interested in bats should own a copy."

A comprehensive natural history and field guide to all bat species recorded in Trinidad and Tobago. It includes an introduction to bat biology, i.e. bat physiology and ecological habitats, species distribution, population status, dietary ecology, species reproduction biology, and echolocation behaviour. Insights into Amerindian bat mythologies, local folklore and the exuberance of the Carnival Bat are also explored. Practical guidance is given on humane eviction and exclusion of bats from dwellings and public buildings. By Geoffrey A. Gomes, a Trinidad-born naturalist and Fiona A. Reid., well known author and illustrator of numerous works including Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America. 2015, sb, 286pp.

"This book provides thorough, jargon-free coverage of bat natural history with special emphasis on the essential ecosystem roles of bats. Readers will learn the benefits of conserving and living harmoniously with bats, overcome needless fear, find solutions to occasional nuisance problems and be endlessly fascinated by bat sophistications and contributions to human wellbeing. The entire book is lavishly and extraordinarily well illustrated. It is the only source for life-size illustrations of all 70 species of bats known from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago." - Merlin Tuttle

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