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Echo Meter Touch 2 Android - Product Image
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Echo Meter Touch 2 Android

Learn about Bats

Echo Meter Touch 2 can detect and identify the most likely species of bats in your area.

There are thousands of bat species in the world, each with its own slightly different type of echolocation call. Every time you watch for a bat, Echo Meter Touch listens for it and processes the sound using highly complex, proprietary algorithms called “classifiers”. In a split second, Echo Meter Touch shows you the most likely species of bat flying overhead. You can click on each species to learn more. Currently, Echo Meter Touch detectors can identify bat species from North America, the Neotropics, the U.K., Europe and South Africa. Full List

Hear Ultrasonic Bat Calls

Discover the world of ultrasonic sound.

Bat echolocation calls are ultrasonic – out of the range of human hearing. The Echo Meter Touch bat detector combines a special microphone with sophisticated circuitry and software to transform ultrasonic bats calls into audio that you can hear. Echo Meter Touch displays the bat calls on an interactive, scientific-level spectrogram. You can pause the audio, zoom in on each recording, and listen to it in more detail using one of three professional-level listening modes: Real-Time Expansion, heterodyne, and post-recording time expansion.

  • Affordably priced bat detector for citizen science
  • Listen to and record bat vocalizations in real-time
  • Identifies the most likely species of bats via the free Echo Meter Touch app for Android*
  • View bat echolocations in real-time on a color spectrogram
  • Shows recording locations and path on a zoomable map
  • Share your discoveries easily via text and email

*Auto ID classifiers are currently available for species in North America, U.K., Europe, Neotropics and South Africa.

For complete and detailed specifications, see product user guide

Sample Rate

256k samples per-second at 16 bits

Maximum Recording Frequency

128 kHz

Gain Settings


Custom User Settings
  • Audio Division Ratio for RTE, HET and TE
  • Real-Time ID (ON/OFF)
  • Nightly Sessions Mode (ON/OFF)
  • Real-Time ID (ON/OFF)
  • Auto-ID Sensitivity
  • Save Noise Files (ON/OFF)
  • Max Trigger Length
  • Trigger Window
  • Trigger Sensitivity
  • Trigger Minimum Frequency

Rugged Polycarbonate housing with an integrated acoustical horn

Dimensions And Weight
  • Width: 1.9" (48 mm)
  • Length: 1.4" (35 mm)
  • Length with connector: 1.7" (43 mm)
  • Height Android: .46" - .71" (11.7 mm - 18.0 mm)
  • Height iOS: .39"-.62" (9.9 mm - 15.8 mm)
Echo Meter Touch App

The Echo Meter Touch App is free and available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Listening Modes

RTE, heterodyne, and post-recording time expansion

Recording Format

Full-spectrum WAV

Species Auto-ID Regions

North America, the Neotropics, the U.K. and Europe, and South Africa

Price: $179.00